Calling On Ad Agencies? Revenues Up 4.3 Percent in 2014

If you’re not calling on ad agencies, you probably should reconsider that strategy. In 2014, advertising agency revenues jumped 4.3 percent while book and specialty publisher revenues climbed 3.2 percent the same year. According to the U.S. Department of Commerce Quarterly Services Survey, this is the highest level for advertising … Continue reading

An Alternative to Managing the Proofing Process

Everyone in the printing business knows how hard it is–sometimes impossible–to get customers to review and approve proofs and artwork on a timely basis. Many a CSR, AE or production manager has spent countless hours on endless emails and follow-up phone calls. This article details a web-based application that might … Continue reading

Annoying Mistakes Marketers (Sometimes) Make

In a world where marketing messages compete for attention almost every second of the day, it’s easy to make marketing mistakes when you’re just trying to get your message across to your audience. This article promotes a cross-channel or integrated marketing approach that could help you keep your customers in … Continue reading

B2B Content Marketing

An interesting discussion on how business-to-business marketers should approach content. According to this article, it’s about solving a customer’s information problem among other things. Some really good tips when thinking about how to enter the world of content marketing and come out alive. Intrigued? Go to: for more information.

When It Comes To Showrooms “It’s All In The Context…”

This is what Guy Timothy of SBR/Vision Graphics says is his showroom strategy. He wanted to give his clients and prospects an idea of what SBR can do from the customer’s perspective, so he designed his showroom with that concept in mind. Everything is arranged to show what SBR can do in … Continue reading

Liturgical Publications Goes Digital

Liturgical Publications (LPi) has made the move into the digital printing world. Headquartered in New Berlin, Wisconsin with production facilities in Cleveland, Denver, Hartford and Orlando, LPi prints a wide range of publications for over 5,200 religious and community organizations. LPi prints not only parish bulletins, but other newsletters, direct … Continue reading