Just a Few Ideas to Start Your Branding Off Right…

This article in Creative Bloq (CQ) profiles an interesting London agency Gregory Bonner Hale (GBH) and their approach to branding.  According to these Londoners, they are a multi-disciplinary (read: integrated) agency that stays away from the average. This interview explains their approach to branding, the secrets of their award-winning, game-changing … Continue reading

InfoTrends Releases Photo Prints Market Forecast

InfoTrends released a report this week detailing the market size and growth potential of digital photo prints.  This market forecast discusses trending consumer behaviors that might influence the market. It also considers the probable outcome of current and future consumer behaviors and looks at the potential effects that these behaviors … Continue reading

New Technology Demonstrations at Spring Conference

    Take a look at what’s new in technology at the ReproMAX Spring Executive Conference! Experience first-hand—the Canon Colorwave 900, HP PageWide, Xerox IJP2000 and RTI Vortex in action–up-close and personal! Memjet, Planar, HP and 3M—all see exciting changes in the digital print landscape and dynamic signage for 2015. … Continue reading

An Excellent Wallcoverings Article on Cushing’s Blog

Take a minute to review the article written by Jon Davis, Marketing Manager at Cushing.  Jon enumerates all the reasons why custom wallcoverings are a best bet as a marketing tactic to enhance interiors and increase customer interest. Jon gives us four reasons why your customers should consider custom wall … Continue reading

When Using Social Media To Research Prospects, Don’t Be Creepy…

It can happen. When doing your homework online (also known as social selling), researching prospects to determine their viability as a client, it’s hard not to cross the line into creepy.  When we say creepy, we mean finding information that is not pertinent to the task at hand–and that is … Continue reading

Build Trust With Storytelling: 3 Easy Steps

Whether it’s a successful outcome of a client’s project, the completion of a complex digital printing job or the discovery of a solution for an AEC customer, telling the story, especially through visuals, lends credibility to your company and gives prospects and clients a reason to choose your company over … Continue reading