When Using Social Media To Research Prospects, Don’t Be Creepy…

It can happen. When doing your homework online (also known as social selling), researching prospects to determine their viability as a client, it’s hard not to cross the line into creepy.  When we say creepy, we mean finding information that is not pertinent to the task at hand–and that is … Continue reading

Build Trust With Storytelling: 3 Easy Steps

Whether it’s a successful outcome of a client’s project, the completion of a complex digital printing job or the discovery of a solution for an AEC customer, telling the story, especially through visuals, lends credibility to your company and gives prospects and clients a reason to choose your company over … Continue reading

Color Sales Workshop A Huge Success

ReproMAX Partners were able to share their experiences and learn new ideas during the Wide Format Color Sales Workshop at SBR/Vision Graphics in Salt Lake City, Utah last week. Attendees were able to focus on the new revenue opportunities available and learn how to strategically develop new markets at this … Continue reading

Short-Run vs. Long-Run: Why Is Offset Turning to Digital?

We ran across a really interesting article in today’s My Print Resource regarding the question: what constitutes a short run vs. a long run and why offset printers are turning more and more to digital print service providers.  Here’s a short synopsis of the article, but you can read the … Continue reading

2014 ReproMAX Photo Recap

As the saying goes…”the more things change, the more they stay the same.”  ReproMAX Partners saw lots of changes…but still some things happened with consistency. The spring and fall conferences came and went with regularity…but with some startling differences in programming. ReproMAX visited many Partners this year and came back with … Continue reading

New Zϋnd Blades Provide Ridge-Free Cutting

Some print service provider with Zϋnd cutters experience ridges or a plow-like effect when using the Z10 or Z11 blades on certain materials. To eliminate this problem, Zϋnd now offers the Z83 drag blade.  It has the same specifications of the Z10 blade, but it is thinner to eliminate ridges. … Continue reading

Dispelling the Stigma of Digital Printing in the Publishing Industry

Publishers from around the world at the Digital Book Printing Conference in New York City worked to dispel any misunderstandings when it comes to digital printing in the book publishing market.  A panel of publishers from Macmillan Science & Education, Blurb, the American Chemical Society and more came together to discuss where … Continue reading

New Complimentary Webinars From 3D Systems

3D Systems has just presented two new upcoming free webinars on their new product Geomagic Sculpt which defies the boundaries of solid modeling.  This product helps you design 3D printable and manufacturable parts without the constraints of traditional CAD. Check your forum emails today for more information on these live … Continue reading

Substrates and Digital Printing: Be Fearless!

Be The Digital Printer Who Will Print On Anything Recently we noticed a large amount of chatter on the color forums regarding digital printing on substrates. Specific questions were being asked about particular substrates–dye sublimation on aluminum, watercolor paper for latex printers, coatings for di-bond prints for exterior usage and … Continue reading