HP Adds High Def Nozzle Architecture to Inkjet Web Presses

High Definition Nozzle Architecture (HDNA) is coming for most HP inkjet web presses. Beta testing will begin this year with commercial availability expected in 2016.  An HDNA printhead doubles the print resolution of current HP inkjet printheads from 1,200dpi to 2,400dpi.  Sounds interesting right? Learn more by going to this … Continue reading

HP Acquires Data Encryption Company

Hewlett-Packard took steps to up their enterprise security offensive with the acquisition of Voltage Security. This Cupertino, California-based company is considered on the cutting edge of the industry because it protects data without forcing companies to re-engineer their applications, even within cloud and big data solutions.  This acquisition gives HP … Continue reading

DG3 Has Two HP Indigo Presses Installed

Diversified Global Graphics Group (DG3) of Jersey City, New Jersey announced the installation of two HP Indigo presses–an HP Indigo 10000 and an HP Indigo 7800. The investment in HP equipment is consistent with their strategy to move from a traditional print communications platform to a data-driven marketing communications company. … Continue reading

HP Page Wide: Bringing Mono and Color Together

ReproMAX ran across these videos on YouTube and we thought you would be interested in learning more about the new Page Wide technology. The video with Juan-Ignacio Calderon is very  similar to his presentation at the ReproMAX Executive Conference held in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. While these are corporate … Continue reading

As Implied at Conference Last Week, HP Enters 3D Market

Just an hour ago, trade publications released the news of HP’s entry into the 3D printing market. Last week at our Fall Conference, speakers Juan Ignacio Calderon and Andrew Bolwell of HP suggested there would be a generational leap of 3D printing that would disrupt the current 3D market.   … Continue reading