Trade Show Booth Color for 2015

It’s the end of the year. Things might be winding down on the trade show calendar, but now is the perfect time to remind your clients and customers that color in their trade show booth can mean the difference between an “okay” trade show and a terrific trade show in … Continue reading

An Open House Success Story: 20/20 Results at SBR/Vision Graphics

When Guy Timothy, president of SBR/Vision Graphics was asked the question: why organize an open house, it all came down to a basic biology lesson: cross pollination. How does an open house relate to cross pollination? Simple. Guy decided the only way he could show what SBR/Vision Graphics is capable … Continue reading

Success Means Good Customer Service

…And Good Customer Service Means Success   Ask any print service provider, if your customer service is poor, your business will suffer. But take the advice of the professionals who serve Western Kentucky and West Tennessee—it pays to put the emphasis on service. According to an article in IRGA Today, … Continue reading