Dispelling the Stigma of Digital Printing in the Publishing Industry

Publishers from around the world at the Digital Book Printing Conference in New York City worked to dispel any misunderstandings when it comes to digital printing in the book publishing market.  A panel of publishers from Macmillan Science & Education, Blurb, the American Chemical Society and more came together to discuss where … Continue reading

Trade Show Booth Color for 2015

It’s the end of the year. Things might be winding down on the trade show calendar, but now is the perfect time to remind your clients and customers that color in their trade show booth can mean the difference between an “okay” trade show and a terrific trade show in … Continue reading

Check Out the New Videos on the Vortex 4200

Reprographic Technology has released new video testimonials on the Vortex 4200. One video explores the GIS/Mapping application while the second video demonstrates the capabilities of the Vortex 4200 in a packaging application. Go to: GIS/Mapping application: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7WpfZfIAd98 Packaging application: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AqIUryA1uN8 Additionally, check your E-Forum emails this week for discount opportunities … Continue reading

HP Page Wide: Bringing Mono and Color Together

ReproMAX ran across these videos on YouTube and we thought you would be interested in learning more about the new Page Wide technology. The video with Juan-Ignacio Calderon is very  similar to his presentation at the ReproMAX Executive Conference held in Las Vegas a few weeks ago. While these are corporate … Continue reading

Do Your Customers Have A Story To Tell?

Clients and customers have stories. How about yours? Do they have stories to tell about your company?  Do you know those stories? Take a look at this article about respecting the stories your fans (or customers) tell about your brand.  The best quote is at the end…”brands are no more than … Continue reading

How To Know If Call Analytics Is Right For You

At our Partner II Marketing Session during the Executive Conference last month, Kevin Gennerman of Scantech Graphics talked about how his company is utilizing call analytics software. He says, “It’s a great tool to track where calls are coming from and to check how our customer service and phone etiquette is … Continue reading