The Special Care And Feeding Of The Fine Art Client

PrintSometimes it’s hard to figure out what your fine art client wants in a finished printed product. As a digital print service provider (PSP) your job is to make sure your client is happy with the product you produce for them. Every PSP has fine art clients–artists, photographers–the pickiest of the picky! Take a look at this article in My Print Resource for more on how to care and feed the fine artist’s soul with exceptional printed pieces. Here’s an excerpt that sums it up quite nicely:

And therein lies his advice for print service providers looking to work with artists and photographers.

“[As an artist], you have your vision,” he said. “The trouble I have with outsourcing anything is getting the person on the other end to handle it and treat it with as much integrity as the artist has. They’re not as emotionally involved as the creative person.”


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