Rapids Reproductions And NRI Get The 3D Job Done

3D Word ImageWhen faced with a request that might be a little tricky, Brad Mohwinkle of Rapids Reproductions, and a ReproMAX Partner, has the right attitude: find a way to make it work! That’s when he called on NRI, another member of the ReproMAX network.

Brad was challenged with a situation involving one of his clients and a 3D job that needed to be processed fast. The biggest obstacle he faces with his four year-old 3D print business is getting the print-ready files in the correct format from clients who may be doing a 3D print job for the first time.

Recently, some of his design/build developer clients in the Cedar Rapids, Iowa area decided they wanted 3D renderings of their future developments.  They sent their files designed in Sketch-up software which Brad says “is usually a red flag for us” because there is no volume to the lines generated.

Fortunately, he had met the 3D technicians from NRI at a recent meeting and they assured him they could help. So instead of passing on this job, they started working with NRI and their team of very knowledgeable individuals including Liam Pittman, Justin Levitz and Vinny Perri.

The result? They received a printable file back from NRI in less than 24 hours and were able to run the customer’s job easily. Brad says NRI has a full team of highly skilled professionals who work in a number of different design platforms and have an architectural/engineering background. “They were able to understand very quickly exactly what I wanted and were quick to respond to any questions I had. I highly recommend NRI as a source for print-ready 3D files!”

By being part of the ReproMAX network of digital print service providers, Rapids Reproductions was able to find a solution by relying on utilizing the services of another Partner in the network.

And they got the job done!


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