Get A 3D White Paper

Ever wonder how 3D printing in the manufacturing world can work to reduce costs but keep R&D efforts alive?  Deloitte University Press has a white paper available for you to download. It contains a wide range of information that may help you solve local manufacturing challenges by helping prospective clients … Continue reading

Print + Digital = Success

And here is another article detailing the blurring of lines between traditional print and digital signage.  Take a look at this editorial from My Print Resource. They cite excellent numbers to make their case and discuss why print-for-pay is not dead but changing the landscape with digital signage. Get more … Continue reading

SGIA Survey Synopsis

It’s the season for surveys! SGIA just completed tallying the results for their annual survey of 193 graphics and sign companies and they have published their results. In a nutshell: Customer Geographic Breakdown: Twenty percent service international accounts, over half serve national accounts, 62 percent serve regional accounts while two-thirds … Continue reading