Duncan-Parnell Retires 3D Prototype Brand Name

Duncan-Parnell, a leading provider of building construction technologies and services, today announces that it is retiring the Anvil Prototype & Design brand name.

This is an effort to lessen the confusion between the two brands and deliver the same expectations associated with the Duncan-Parnell name.  “We have invested in 3D printing equipment and prototyping services since acquiring Anvil Prototype & Design in 2013. This investment has allowed Duncan-Parnell to offer its current customer base of architects, engineers, surveyors, and construction contractors additional capabilities with the advancement of 3D print technologies. In addition, it opened new markets for Duncan-Parnell in the production and manufacturing industries,” said Mark Duncan, President.

Duncan Parnell







Kimberly Broderick and Camren Sumerlin, Duncan-Parnell’s 3D Prototyping Operations Specialists, standing next to an array of 3D printed models.

Carlton McFaden, Director of Prototyping, notes that “3D printing technology is a constantly changing businesses. Having been in the industry with Anvil Prototype & Design since 2007, we are seeing new applications of 3D printing emerging everyday with more diverse materials coming to market as well as better printers with increased speed.” 3D print applications are relevant across all industries from engine prototypes to flight-ready aerospace parts, surgical trial-runs to medical implants, and designer wearables to edible confections. 3D printing can be utilized in every stage of the creation process – from initial concept design to final manufacturing.


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