When Using Social Media To Research Prospects, Don’t Be Creepy…

social-media_confused-seller_300pxIt can happen. When doing your homework online (also known as social selling), researching prospects to determine their viability as a client, it’s hard not to cross the line into creepy.  When we say creepy, we mean finding information that is not pertinent to the task at hand–and that is finding out whether or not you and the prospect is a good match.  According to the article Social Selling: Rule #1–Don’t Be Creepy article in What They Think?, there are three rules to abide by:

1. Don’t become too personal too fast with your research. If you have known a current customer for years, knowing their wife and kid’s names is important. But if you’re reaching out to a prospect for the first time, that’s…well…that’s creepy.

2. Keep business in focus. The temptation is there to look beyond the business aspect of your prospect.  There are lots of ways to find out many, many things of a personal nature online. Don’t.

3. Refrain from brown-nosing. If you find out about a particular success that this prospect has enjoyed from an online source, try to use this information judiciously without coming across as too eager.

This author’s definition of social selling is “The process of carefully building authentic and appropriate relationships with potential customers.”  We think that is the best way to use online resources to help you close the sale.

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