Build Trust With Storytelling: 3 Easy Steps

storytelling imageWhether it’s a successful outcome of a client’s project, the completion of a complex digital printing job or the discovery of a solution for an AEC customer, telling the story, especially through visuals, lends credibility to your company and gives prospects and clients a reason to choose your company over another. Here is a synopsis of an article from ( that may help you tell your own story.

Step 1: The interview–Get the full story from those who were in the thick of it. Make sure you get quotes from the client and ask them for permission to use their quotes. Get the facts straight then proceed to tell your story.

Step 2: Make your case with some good statistics from other resources. And use visuals–whether it be slideshows, photos or videos to round it out.

Step 3: Arrange your visuals to back up your story then publish it.

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