Six Tips for Better Dynamic Digital Signage

Digital SignageBest Practices from Randy Dearborn in Big Picture Online

Digital signage guru Randy Dearborn, MGM Resort VP of Multimedia and Guest Technology oversees 52,000 digital signs for his company’s properties. He suggest these best practices for digital signage in Big Picture.

1. No white backgrounds: It looks great in print, but LEDs won’t stay at the same color temperature required for that “perfect white” for long.
2. Wacky fonts that may work in a print environment, logo, or icon are too busy for digital screens. Avoid bad practices in contrast and color, like orange text on a red background.
3. Try dark backgrounds and light headers, which will prolong the life of your screens.
4. Use dissolves for your transitions. If you’re using a black background, and you dissolve everything from and to black, you can interchange those spots at any time. Dissolves also create a clean line of demarcation.
5. Helvetica is the greatest font ever invented. It just works; it’s clean and it gets the message across.
6. If you waste time fine-tuning and tweaking, you’re only impressing yourself. Get it looking good, get it up, and go on to the next thing.

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