What Triangle Reproductions of San Antonio Says About the Mutoh ValueJet

Triangle Repro SignsJust ask Bud Christy about his new Mutoh ValueJet 1617H and he’ll tell you “The quality is excellent and the machine is very dependable.” Bud purchased his Mutoh this year and could not be more pleased.

The 64” width is ideal for printing signs of all sizes and on a multitude of substrates. He says he likes it for what it does—“It allows someone in our industry to get into the signage business at a very low cost. And as you build your business you can step up to other equipment. It’s your introduction to the business. A good bang for your buck.”


He says by some standards it is slow. He gave a good example of a 4 foot by 8 foot board on maximum quality Triangle Repro 2control dpi with full coverage takes about 35 minutes to print.  But he says if you need a lesser dpi you can cut about ten minutes off the time.

And when it comes to what his customers are looking for in signage, he is finding an untapped market with his existing client base. Bud says most of his AEC customers are not tied into a sign company, so when they find out he can produce their signage they are more than willing to send business his way.

As to specifications, Bud says his most “exotic” substrate so far has been printing on gold metal, and states that his new flatbed can print on “anything”. One cautionary note–he says that anything over 34 lbs. such as a 4 foot by 8 foot piece of plywood, is not advisable, but that you can print on an adhesive material and lay it over the wood. Bud says the flatbed prints up to ½ inch thick material and any length up to 63.6 inches.

Triangle Reproductions of San Antonio has been in business for over 40 years serving the reprographics needs–and now the signage needs–of their clients in the architectural, engineering and construction business, as well as healthcare, legal, graphics, real estate and more.

Overall? Bud Christy says he is “very pleased” with the Mutoh ValueJet and the quality is “outstanding.”
For more information about Triangle Reproductions of San Antonio, go to www.triangle-sa.com.

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