As Implied at Conference Last Week, HP Enters 3D Market

Andrew Bolwell from HP speaks at last week's conference.

Andrew Bolwell from HP speaks at last week’s conference.

Just an hour ago, trade publications released the news of HP’s entry into the 3D printing market. Last week at our Fall Conference, speakers Juan Ignacio Calderon and Andrew Bolwell of HP suggested there would be a generational leap of 3D printing that would disrupt the current 3D market.


Although all details of the Multi Jet 3D printing technology have not been released yet, they do expect breakthrough functional build speeds that are at least 10 times faster than the fastest technology on the market today. The Multi Jet 3D printing technology will not be released until 2016.


ReproMAX will continue to monitor any further developments. In the meantime, see the following articles for more information:


HP website:


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3D Print Liveblog of the event


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