ReproMAX Conference A Huge Success

IMG_5046“It’s just amazing the things we pick up here. Then we slowly implement them. Most importantly, the things we do implement are working.”
Russ Blankenship, President, Reproductions

ReproMAX held our 30th Annual Conference last week from Oct. 22 through Oct. 24.  A total of 80 Partners participated in the sessions on Thursday and Friday. Some of the highlights (in chronological order) include:

Keynote Speaker Dan Marx, SGIA: Dan discussed the trends he is seeing in the graphics industry, how digital and wide format are radically changing the industry and some statistical data from surveys initiated by the SGIA.
Bid Services Update Session with Steve Cheek, Callprint:  Taking a personal approach to how your clients bid their projects is critical to the success of any digital printing company.  Steve showed us how he has created an interesting revenue source by developing presentation packaging for his clients.
Color Graphics Panel with Bob Barker/Studio Blue, David O’Neil/Duncan Parnell, Emily Castle/Franklin Imaging and Nathan Ponder/CyberCopy: This session taught our participants how to leverage their color digital printing capacities into cutting edge products and services. We explored how to tackle new issues in our industry and how to constantly look for new ideas and new ways to generate new business.
Keynote Speakers Juan-Ignacio Calderon and Andrew Bolwell from HP: We were given a peek at what HP has in store for the digital printing industry in 2015. Our participants were able to ask questions of the top directors and get some important answers.

Awards Luncheon: It’s official–Beeline and Blue and Capital Imaging are the Partners of the Year for 2014 and HP was awarded the Vendor of the Year.   Not to mention the good food (because it was) but the good company and lucrative door prizes from our sponsors made this luncheon an exceptional one!
Keynote Speaker Stephen Shapiro: We really left our comfort zone and discovered how to realize our potential with Stephen’s presentation. Plus, each conference participant walked away with a copy of Steven’s new book along with a deck of cards that will help each company learn about their employees and how to engage them everyday!
Document Control and Digital Services Panel with Amanda Schoonover, Lynn Imaging: Our participants were led on an exciting adventure in the ever-changing document control services arena that is so much more than a set of blueprints.  We came away with an intimate knowledge of what it means to help customers with their document management systems.
Colorwave 900 Update with Steven Strooh, Beeline and Blue: The latest product from Oce/Canon was put on the hot seat. Steven Strooh gave an indepth review of the Colorwave, what it can and can’t do.  His take: “The quality is unbelievable.”
Cultural Heritage Scanning with Steven Strooh, Beeline and Blue and Dr. Andrea De Calisti of GAP Italy:  This very specialized service can be a lucrative one.  Steven talked about how cultural heritage scanning (historical documents) is one of the waves of the future for digital services companies.  Dr. De Calisti demonstrated his knowledge by giving our participants a look at what his company is doing in Italy.
Changing the Pricing Model Discussion Panel: A lively discussion with participants paying attention to the question of how to charge customers, what to charge customers and why we can’t seem to break out of a pricing model that has been in place for decades. You’ll be hearing more about this topic in the near future, as well as in other conferences sessions coming up in 2015.
Branding Presentation with Joel Newport of Gud Marketing, Bo Noles and Mary McElgunn of Capital Imaging: We learned first-hand how Capital Imaging changed their brand, what the steps were and how to start implementing the branding process within any company who sees the need to re-brand. Joel Newport gave our participants the basics for the rebranding process. We all came away with a better understanding of how to present our brand to the general public.
Canon Presentation with Amit Bagchi: The folks at Canon let us in on the secrets of Spin Selling and how we can apply it to our own company sales.  Amit invited our participants to investigate the advantages of Spin Selling for our sales staff and sales managers.
Marketing Discussion/Workshop for Partner 2 Group: The breakout session for Partner 2 participants was a vigorous one with everyone enjoying the topics so much, we ran out of time! Partner 2 participants were given specific scenarios to develop. Everyone was excited to learn what the others were utilizing and all Partner 2 attendees came away with at least one idea to take home.
FM/MPS Panel for Partner 1 Group: The attendees of last month’s FM/MPS conference moderated a discussion between participants on the merits of FM/MPS operations.  Our attendees were ready to learn and expand their knowledge base in order to figure out if manned or unmanned FM operations were suitable for their company.
Digital Signage Presentation and Discussion for Partner 1 Group: Brought to you by the staff at SBR Technologies/Vision Graphics, we dived into the intricacies of digital signage and how the addition of it to your services might affect your bottom line for the better. Market opportunities and the impact of digital signage took center stage.

More in-depth articles will be coming this week on several sessions at the conference. We will take a few of these topics and expand on what was said, what kinds of questions were asked and how it all unfolded.


An exit survey was initiated before attendees left the conference. Over 50 percent of attendees responded. We will publish a general topline evaluation of the survey results this week. If you attended the conference but were not able to fill out your survey, please email Julie Miller at for a Word Document survey.


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