An Open House Success Story: 20/20 Results at SBR/Vision Graphics

SBR Subaru Wraps really smallWhen Guy Timothy, president of SBR/Vision Graphics was asked the question: why organize an open house, it all came down to a basic biology lesson: cross pollination. How does an open house relate to cross pollination? Simple.

Guy decided the only way he could show what SBR/Vision Graphics is capable of producing is by demonstrating their capabilities to his existing customer base and “cross pollinate” them with different services than what they normally use. He says “I wanted to go higher, wider and deeper into my customer base to show them everything we can do.” So he invited his entire customer list to an (almost) all-day open house on Sept. 30—lunch from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. and drinks and hors d’oeuvres from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m.

And then he pulled out all the stops.

Guy knew if his customers could see the depth and breadth of his company’s capabilities then business would accelerate. So when SBR/Vision Graphics radically expanded their services, he used the open house to demonstrate what his company was capable of providing his customers. Comprehensive demonstrations in video digital displays, digital décor wall coverings and more were expertly implemented by his staff. They had taken the time to learn these new services and provide them to their customers—they just hadn’t had the chance to see it yet. Guy says “We have customers who might ask us to print their proposals, but now we do their indoor wall coverings too. They know we can handle it.”

Asphalt Graphics really small

So how did he do it?

  • -He had his vendors sponsor the event which meant his expenses were covered.
    -His staff prepared to demonstrate their newest equipment.
    -Then he sent a “save-the-date” email.
    -He followed that up with an email announcement, then a postal invitation.
    -Finally, his sales people personally delivered invitations.
    -The final step included an email reminder.

The results?

  • Over 400 current customers attended his open house. Guy says there were “probably more.”
  • His current customers now know he can do whatever is needed to get any job done. The open house “generated lots of quotes and follow up proposals.”
  • Guy’s opinion? “It was a success. It worked.”

Could an open house work for you when you expand your services? Maybe. Just ask Guy Timothy, and he will say yes. It definitely worked for him.

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