Success Means Good Customer Service

Hub City ArticleHub…And Good Customer Service Means Success


Ask any print service provider, if your customer service is poor, your business will suffer. But take the advice of the professionals who serve Western Kentucky and West Tennessee—it pays to put the emphasis on service.

According to an article in IRGA Today, Allen Campbell, the owner of Hub City Blueprint in Jackson, Tennessee, Paducah Blueprint in Paducah, Kentucky and TechPlus in Memphis, Tennessee says “…it’s always good to treat people the way you want to be treated.” That’s what all 21 employees have been taught from the beginning. “…we’re not the cheap banner guys. We want our employees to take pride in their work and do the best they can” says Clint Murchison, general manager of the Tennessee locations.

Amy Richards, a long-time member of the Hub City team remarks “We don’t have outside sales people for graphics yet. It’s all word-of-mouth so far.” When customers have a project that might be a little different, Amy says their customers “…start with us because we already have a good relationship.” And it pays off. Existing AEC accounts are coming to them for color signage, wayfinding signage and other color projects.

Amy goes on to say that business is good and picking up with the AEC and color projects, but it’s not what it used to be. That’s why they have invested in the best color equipment and take each job “cautiously because we want top quality.” And they have all the business they can handle right now with all three shops going strong at a steady pace.

The staff is excited about the new color equipment and the acquisition of a Zund cutter and the Océ Arizona 660 last year. It means a variety of jobs will be coming their way and it is “icing on the cake” according to Amy.

Another part of their business is the Facilities Management (FM) and equipment sales operations. Due to a large number of businesses located in this area, Murchison says business is “decent” and is picking up. He says the biggest obstacles to the FM business is the rise of every “Tom, Dick and Harry” getting into the FM and equipment sales end. Murchison claims he used to run up against the large corporations in the FM arm of the business but now smaller firms are trying to break into FM and equipment sales by selling on price.

But, as with the other end of the business, word-of-mouth plays a key role in getting new and keeping existing business. Today, this trio of companies can boast a healthy amount of FM and equipment sales, making it successful by providing good service. And good service can only mean one thing—success.

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