Gene Klein On the Value of FM Workshops

An eye-opening workshop on Facilities Management (FM) Best Practices was held September 22-24 at Riley’s in Calgary Alberta. Below is an edited version of Gene Klein’s remarks as they relate to the workshop, how it was handled and what ideas he took away from the sessions:

From Monday through Wednesday of this week, I was, for the umpteenth time, reminded of the power of ReproMAX.

Wade Sparks and his phenomenal team at Riley’s (including Phil Hammond, Brad Mauro, Candice Barr, Bill Leeder, Trevor Girling, and Jen Shaw) hosted a forum for ReproMAX on the subject of Enterprise Solutions (otherwise known as FMs).  All ReproMAX companies at a Partner I status were invited.  Companies in attendance included:  NRI, R.S. Knapp, Cushing, SBR, KalBlue, Dataflow and BarkerBlue.


Aside from showing us over-the-top hospitality in every way, Wade and his associates put together a program where each ReproMAX company gave a brief presentation about their FM installations, both manned and unmanned.  When Riley’s presented their Enterprise Solutions portfolio, the group was blown away by the depth and breadth of this side of Riley’s business.  In the face of declining centralized prints, Enterprise Solutions is a fantastic diversification.


Riley’s also escorted us–in separate groups–to five of their manned locations inside the offices of their customers. Industry types included: oil & gas, pipelines, financial services, legal and A&E.  All facilities were extremely impressive with immaculate and well-equipped operations and really sharp employees.

We also toured Riley’s new Display Graphics facility outside the city–17,000 square feet of pure genius.

Some personal takeaways:

  • You’re not in the Enterprise Solutions business if all you have is machines out in the field. It’s the people you put with the machines that get you inside your customer’s processes and make them integral to their success, a true strategic partner.
  • Recurring revenue is a good thing.  Most contract terms are five years.
  • Enterprise solution contracts grow.  In one location, aside from a big equipment lineup in the manned facility, Riley’s had 20 other machines located throughout the building that it owned and managed on a cost-per-copy model.
  • Brand the heck out of each in-plant location.  And get the best real estate.  In every case, Riley’s had prime office space.  Many internal print offices are located in the basement.  Not for Riley’s.  A prime location within your customer’s facilities is important to success.
  • If possible, persuade your customer to let you service other companies out of the same location.  This never would have occurred to me without Wade.
  • Market the “near-site” production bandwidth of your mother ship.  That is, make sure your customer knows the home office is there waiting to assist them. This is something Xerox can’t offer, because they have no production mother ship!
  • If you try to compete with big manufacturers for a machine-only solution, you are vulnerable to their far lower cost basis.  However, if you throw people into the solution, the box guys are now out of their comfort zone. Some have tried, with dismal results.

Only in ReproMAX could all of us have had such an informative experience with plenty of epiphanies to go around. Tremendous thanks to Riley’s for their incredible generosity.  The Power of ReproMAX!

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