So…How Do You Determine Working vs. Non-Working Marketing Spending?

question-markMillion dollar question right? That’s the query that this article in Ad Age dissects and possibly provides some answers that might be pertinent to your situation. This author claims working and non-working marketing spends are a myth designed to keep some investors happy, provide the illusion of sound business practices and is in actuality a fabrication.  Take a look and see what you think!

2016 ReproMAX Board of Directors


ReproMAX Announces Board of Directors For 2016

ReproMAX announces the appointment of two new members and new co-chairmen of their Board of Directors for 2016. Joe Williamson, Principal of Franklin Imaging, Columbus, Ohio and Chuck Wingard, President of Tree Towns Imaging & Color Graphics in Elmhurst, Illinois were named as two new members of the Board. Gene Klein, CEO of BarkerBlue in San Mateo, California and Bo Noles, Owner/Partner of Capital Imaging in Lansing, Michigan were named co-chairs of the Board of Directors at ReproMAX for 2016.

Each year, ReproMAX selects industry-leading Partner company professionals to 3-5 year terms, asking them to help guide the organization to reach new levels of excellence. This year, the board member terms of Gary Wilbur, President of RS Knapp and Steve Cheek, Group Managing Director of Callprint have expired. Steven Strooh, Vice President of Beeline and Blue and Bryan Thomas, CEO of Thomas Printworks will remain as members of the Board of Directors.  Paul Fridrich, CEO of Cyber Copy and Wade Sparks, President and COO of Riley’s will remain as BOD advisors while Guy Timothy, President of SBR/Vision Graphics will become a new BOD advisor.

According to Rick Bosworth, President of ReproMAX, “ReproMAX and subsequently its Partner companies benefit significantly from this great tradition of leadership. We can’t thank these individuals enough—both past and present—for their contributions, loyalty and dedication to the fulfillment of all ReproMAX objectives.”

Founded in 1984, ReproMAX is an international network that leverages the power of a wide range of independent print service providers so they can deliver high quality services to their customers.  ReproMAX companies are recognized leaders and a global source for print, content management and visual communication. ReproMAX provides Partner companies and their customers with competitive advantages and a global network through industry leading technology, information sharing and industry education. For more information, visit, call (800) 873-7762 or email:

More Thoughts On What’s In Store in 2016

Happy New Year 2016One more article on what industry-watchers think will be going on this year. This article details three trends that might be of interest to you. Bottom line? Value-added services is the name of the game this year, which isn’t really anything new but it’s good to keep this in mind. Take a look at this article for an excellent reminder on where to concentrate your efforts this year!

Latest HP/Memjet Legal Update

This is a public notice regarding the HP/Memjet issue.


Memjet vs. HP vs. Memjet – another brief update – info from HP’s most recent 10K filing
The information printed below – about Memjet vs. HP vs. Memjet –  was copied from:

Filed: December 16, 2015 (period: October 31, 2015)

Annual report with a comprehensive overview of the company

Notes to Consolidated Financial Statements (Continued)

Note 16: Litigation and Contingencies (Continued)

Memjet Technology Ltd. v. HP. 
On August 11, 2015, Memjet Technology Ltd. (“Memjet”) filed a lawsuit against HP in U.S. District Court in the Southern District of California. The complaint alleges that HP infringes eight Memjet patents. The products accused of infringement are those that use the HP PageWide Technology, including the OfficeJet Pro X series, OfficeJet Enterprise X series, HP PageWide XL, wide scan printers, and printers using 4.25-inch thermal inkjet printheads, such as HP Web Presses and Photo Kiosks. On October 2, 2015, HP answered Memjet’s complaint and asserted a counter-claim against Memjet for infringement of four HP patents. The products accused of infringement include various Memjet OEM printers that incorporate Memjet’s printheads and print engines. On November 20, 2015, HP asserted three additional patents against Memjet. The patents asserted by both parties generally relate to inkjet printhead and print system technology. Both Memjet’s and HP’s respective complaints seek injunctive relief and monetary damages from the other party for alleged patent infringement. On November 16, 2015, Memjet was granted an ex parte preliminary injunction in Germany (State Court Munich), against HP Deutschland GmbH’s sale and offers for sale of HP PageWide XL printers. Memjet’s injunction request alleges that HP infringes a Memjet European patent. On December 4, 2015, HP filed an opposition and an application to suspend enforcement of the preliminary injunction pending a court hearing and decision. On December 9, 2015, the court denied HP’s application to suspend enforcement prior to a hearing. A hearing is scheduled for January 7, 2016.


16 Easy Design Tips

packaging imageStart the new year right by checking out these simple design tips that might help you create better design projects for your clients and generate business from your design expertise. This article in Creative Blog provides some interesting ideas for you to look into when providing high caliber design services in your area.

What’s In Store For Wide Format in 2016…

Happy New Year 2016At least according to this article in WhatTheyThink?

To summarize, here is their take on the upcoming year for commercial wide format printing:

  • Looking back…the commercial printing industry had its best year in almost 20 years. One quote in the article says it all: “We’re back baby.” Print is not dead, just different.
  • AEC is expected to continue to grow because construction has dramatically rebounded. Don’t ignore it, especially with the new, versatile equipment now available.
  • Textile is a strong and fast-growing market. Find out where you fit in.
  • Packaging could be a place to grow your business because customers want shorter and shorter runs with a great deal of customization and personalization. Perfect for the digital printer.
  • Ever thought of ad specialties? Flatbed UV printing on rigid materials is growing and could be some place to grow your business as well.



Five Online Marketing Trends In 2016

PrintCareful consideration of your online marketing content will be leading your marketing thrust for 2016. Take a look at this article that details what’s in store for us all next year. Simplified, this author claims:

  1. Videos will be big…still.
  2. Mobile will grow…more.
  3. Content may be King…but it’s not as effective because there is too much being produced (brain overload and no time).
  4. Website relevance is changing…again
  5. Your marketing efforts will take more time, so build it into your budget!

Donor Wall From Beeline and Blue

Beeline Donor Board view 1 Beeline Donor Board view 2As recently as this month,  a request went out on the Partner forums/communities regarding examples of donor walls. The request was answered by another Partner company with this example.

According to Chuck Bloyer, a Color Projects Consultant at Beeline and Blue, this was a very complex donor wall they created this past fall for their client. Specifications included acrylic, direct-print on a second surface, lettering was white vinyl on clear removable film that was applied to the front so they could change it in the future if the client needed to edit. Beeline used standoffs with hubs for corner mounting.

Nice work!

In Honor of Star Wars…App Turns Your Phone Into Lightsaber

Lightsaber ExperienceAnd now for something a little different, take a look at this article that will turn your phone into a lightsaber. According to a post from Digital Synopsis, if you have the Chrome app on your phone before you start, you can use the url you are given and turn your phone into a lightsaber. It’s worth a shot and from what the article says it’s an “immersive and awesome experience”.  Follow the directions and see what happens!